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It’s software designed exclusively for different kinds of online Pokemon games making it attractive. There are many games some are given below. You may learn more at

Poke one is an MMORPG game on Pokémon offering 3d effects where more than one player can play simultaneously. There are many Pokémon games but some of the best are given below.

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In this player can control the actions and consequences. It’s the fourth installment. It happens in a fantasy world containing historical and illustrious creatures. Actions decide the fate of an empire that is invaded by demons. Amazing graphics enhance its storyline.

Age of Conan

It’s a fictitious Conan with heroic stories. In this players can play video games. This game is adventurous and has more bloodshed.


It is a science and fantasy fiction story. All actions are taken on a planet. It can change continuously because of evolution and could lead to fights between inhabitants for controlling the resources. Players have to choose a side before starting which increases their skills and can give priority to others. Some examples are political hunting, trading, and so on.

Get Pokémon for PC at Guruprasad

Features are

Character is determined by the actions that are taken and the massive battles that take place. Players can also take part in battles and high-quality extraction of resources is possible. A system to control wildlife on the planet. It’s an open project where users can be a partner and create new functions.

Tibia bot NG

It’s a multiplayer role-playing game. It has fascinating battles with a friendly environment and long hours of play. It is used to make it easy to use and simplify. It allows for the setting up of macros and ensures that characters do according to instructions. It can also do combinations to attack and helps in searching for food. It also minimizes the game’s usage by charging the CPU. The bot can control the user to navigate the world and climb the stairs, entering and leaving caves with the goals of experiencing and moving to upper levels. Attacking objects which are within limits and viewing maps are other features of the bot.

Scroll for PC

  • It is a game where it creates a world with blocks to collect card games. It is a fictitious battleground where varied characters represent
  • and implement different strategies.
  • Its features are
  • Board games and cards are combined together and create their own units and spells. Gold rewards can be won by choosing many games. There are 350animated units. Swapping of cards can be done and chatting with players is possible.